Internet Economics

Kamesh Munagala

Reading Group,  Fall 2007

Time/Place: D344 LSRC, Mon 2:30 - 4:00 pm.

The focus topic will be internet economics, particularly search, auctions, reputation systems, market equilibria, etc.

Sep. 3
Balloon popping with applications to ascending auctions
Kamesh Munagala
Sep. 10
Truthful auctions for pricing search keywords Peng Shi
Sep. 17
Algorithms and incentives for robust ranking Jen Burge
Oct. 1
Trading networks with price-setting agents Kshipra Bhawalkar
Oct. 15
Hiring Problems and Lake Woebegon Strategies
Jeff Phillips
Nov. 12
How bad is selfish routing? Josh Letchford
Nov. 26
Incentives and Pricing in Communication Networks
Market Equilibria and Convex Programs
Kamesh Munagala