CPS 296. Advanced Topics in Computer Science

Design and Analysis of Algorithms with Applications in GIS


In this course we consider the design and analysis of algorithms with applications in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), with special emphasis on I/O-effective algorithms for large-scale problems.


Monday and Friday 10.00-11.15 in D344.


Lars Arge

Office: D228 LSRC Bldg
Phone: 660-6557
E-mail: large@cs.duke.edu


CPS230 (or equivalent) and an interest in (external memory and computational geometry) algorithms
- the course is open to both undergrad and graduate students.

Course material:

The course will be based on original papers, survey papers and lecture notes.

Course Synopsis:

The precise layout of the course will depend on the interests of the participants, but is likely to look approximately as follows.

Summary of Lectures:

A summery of the lectures held so far, and a list of the material covered, along with infomation about what is approximately going to happend in the next lecture can be found here.



Lars Arge
Tue Apr 22, 1997