CPS 296. Advanced Topics in Computer Science

Advanced Data Structures


Data structuring is the study of concrete implementations of frequently occuring abstract data types. The goal is to minimize the use of computational resources, most importantly time and space. Often efficient data structures are the key to the design of efficient algorithms. In this course we will discuss classical advanced data structures (and dynamization techniques), as well as recently developed data structures, e.g in the areas of dynamic graph algorithms and word based (RAM model) structures. The course will be conducted as a seminar. Some of the material will be presented by the instructor, but students will be required to prepare and present selected topics in class.


Tuesdays and Thursdays 10.55-12.10 in D243


Lars Arge

Office: D228 LSRC Bldg
Phone: 660-6557
E-mail: large@cs.duke.edu


CPS 230 or equivalent

Course material:

The course will be based on research papers, as well as on parts of various textbooks.

Course Synopsis:

What precise topics will be covered will depend on the interests of the participants, but the topics covered will probably be a subset of the following:

Summary of Lectures:

A summery of the lectures held so far, and a list of the material covered, along with infomation about what is approximately going to happend in the next lectures can be found here.


The course will be conducted as a seminar and students will be required to

Lars Arge
Thu Apr 23, 1988