CPS 296.1 Advanced Topics in Computer Science

I/O-Efficient Algorithms


In this course we consider the design and analysis of I/O-efficient algorithms for problems involving massive amounts of data.


Tuesday and Thursday 10:55-12:10 in D344 LSRC.


Lars Arge

Office: D205 LSRC Bldg
Phone: 660-6557
E-mail: large@cs.duke.edu


CPS230 (or equivalent) and an interest in algorithms

Course material:

The course will be based on original papers, survey papers and lecture notes.

Summary of Lectures:

A summary of the lectures held so far, a list of the material covered, handouts, along with information about what is approximately going to happen in the next lectures, can be found here.


Grading will be based on homework (due May 13), class presentations (May 10), and a term paper (Due May 13).

Lars Arge
Fri Apr 30, 1999