Landon Cox | Duke University

TaintDroid for Android 4.3

Announcement from the NCSU guys:

The TaintDroid team is happy to announce the release of TaintDroid for Android 4.3_r1. The instructions for obtaining and building this version are available as usual on

We also have an issue tracker set up at for reporting bugs with TaintDroid. If you notice any bugs with the new release of TaintDroid, or with any of the previous versions, please submit a bug report on the issue tracker. If you have a solution for the bug fix, please also submit it in the bug report. Since TaintDroid is maintained by a small group of people, your feedback is greatly appreciated and crucial for the ongoing maintenance of TaintDroid.

We are also working on constructing a suite of regression tests for TaintDroid, which will be uploaded to Github as soon as it is complete.

-Ben Andow