Landon Cox | Duke University

TaintDroid for Android 2.3.4!

Now with Nexus S and JIT support! This is a major update that required a significant investment of time and effort. Many thanks to Peter Gilbert, Seungyeop Han, and Will Enck for a job well done.

To quote
Peter’s announcement to the TaintDroid Google Group:

We are happy to announce an updated source code release of TaintDroid based on Android 2.3.4. Please visit for instructions on how to download and build the code. Major changes include:

  • support for Nexus S in addition to Nexus One
  • support for Dalvik JIT compiler
  • taint propagation for native inline functions
  • SSL socket taint sink
  • and other minor bug-fixes

Please post any questions or problems to this discussion group.
Thanks for your interest in TaintDroid!