Landon Cox | Duke University


TaintDroid for Android 4.1

Announcement from Will Enck:
The TaintDroid team is happy to announce the release of TaintDroid for Android 4.1.1_r6. The instructions for obtaining and building this version are available as usual on

We would specially like to thank Minh Tuan Pham for porting the bulk of
TaintDroid from Android 2.3.4 to Android 4.0.3, which was nontrivial due to the significant changes between the versions. Minh also added tracking support for ByteBuffers.

We would also like to thank Peter Gilbert for porting the "fast" and JIT Dalvik VM interpreters to Android 4.0.3, as well as all of the changes to Android
4.1.1_r6, and preparing the code for release.

Also with this release, we have included a compile-time option for byte-level tracking within Parcel IPC messages, which was implemented by Seungyeop Han at University of Washington. Seungyeop also contributed several bug fixes to

Finally, along with this release, we have included the source code for TaintDroidNotify, which was written by Gabriel Maganis at UC Davis.

Happy tracking!
Will Enck and the
TaintDroid Team