Landon Cox | Duke University

YouProve at SenSys

We were really happy when we learned that our paper on YouProve had been accepted to SenSys 2011. YouProve is follow-up work to our HotMobile ’10 position paper on using trusted hardware (i.e., TPMs) to help participatory sensing services verify the authenticity of audio and photos collected from anonymous mobile devices. In other words, if you are building a service that uses photos and other media captured by anonymous mobile phone users, how can you know that the data you receive is authentic? How do you know that it hasn’t been invented or spoofed?

Even if you have secure hardware, there are a number of thorny issues that make these questions hard to answer, including user privacy, developer flexibility, legacy apps, users’ app choice, and devices’ limited bandwidth and battery power. YouProve is not a silver bullet, but we think it is a good start and hope that more people will work on this very important problem. Please drop me an email if you have any feedback.

I would also like to mention that one of the best things about this paper is that it has three undergraduate co-authors: Kyungmin (Jason) Lee, Henry Qin, and DJ Sharkey. We have excellent CS students at Duke, and you should definitely be trying to recruit them to your company or grad school.

In any case, the rest of the SenSys program looks great too, and I hope to see you in Seattle in November.