* Owen Astrachan

(self portrait)
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Professor of-the-practice
Computer Science Department
LSRC, D241
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-6522, fax: (919) 660-6519

Office Hours, Spring 2004 Monday, 2:30-3:30, Tuesday, 11:00-12:30, any time my door is open (which is often)

Our Family, March 2003 (taken from the bed of a Fisher-Price pushtoy with a Canon G2 using the timer)

children say no to war

Uncle Josh and kids play the drums

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Computer Science Dept Course Stuff

* Teaching at Duke

* Spring 2004 CPS 100 Program Design and Analysis II (CS2)

* Spring 2004 CPS 108 Software Design and Implementation

* Past courses from past semesters

Ethan and Adam

* Ethan and me pretending to be Ethan

* Adam

What else I divide (and have divided) my time among (in no particular order)

* vita

* Java in AP *

* Writing my C++ book
* some talks
* Thinking about using patterns
* Issues in using C++ in the AP program
* Maintaining a C++ resource gateway
* Being Director of Undergraduate Studies at Duke
* Running
* Laura Heyneman
* Some of my papers (written/cowritten)
* Panels/Presentations I know about

* Thinking about pedagogical issues in CS1 and CS2 and about thinking
* Workshop on the future of the CS2/Data Structures course
* FYI 2000 A Workshop on First Year Instruction in Computer Science. July 15/16, 2000.
* Apprentice learning
* Research in Automated Theorem Proving with METEOR
* The Internet Programming Contest
* Dogs and Cats
* Thanksgiving Family Football
A long and scintillating biography

Owen Astrachan ( ola@cs.duke.edu)