Resources for Apprenticeship Learning

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Apprentice Learning in the second computer science course (CS2) is funded by an NSF/CCD grant #DUE-9554910 . The official title of the grant is "The Applied Apprenticeship Approach (AAA): An Object-Oriented/Object-Based Framework for CS2" This is a joint project between Duke University , Appalachian State University and North Carolina Central University.

Personnel funded by the grant are

* Owen Astrachan , Duke University
* James Wilkes , Appalachian State University
* Robert Smith , North Carolina Central University

Tools for Apprentice Programming in CS 2 *

Material for the Applied Apprenticeship approach will be linked here soon

Related material has been published in papers. AAA and CS 1: The Applied Apprenticeship Approach to CS 1 that appeared in the 1995 SIGCSE conference. This paper is also available as Duke technical report 1994-29, available via ftp

In a paper presented at the OOPSLA 94 educator's symposium Claire Bono and I wrote about apprenticeship learning also. That paper is available in postscript form

I'm writing a C++ book as well, the material in the book is presented using an apprentice approach. For information about the book, see my book page
I use an apprentice approach in my classes
Until this page is complete, you can get materials by sending me email: