CPS 196, Spring 1998, Advanced Topics in OO

Course Structure

This course will be run very much as a student-directed seminar. The Professors in charge of the course will cover the first week/two weeks/... with information about Smalltalk and OO issues. The other weeks will be covered by student presentations of topics drawn from different areas of object technology and object-orientedprogramming languages.

In addition to directing a topic, developing an assignment, and preparing reading, lecture, and discussion materials, groups of three students will be responsible for creating notes and links for each week's discussion. The first week will be taken by the Profs in charge of the course. Groups of three will be made randomly, each person will then have two separate weeks to condense and clarify.

Reading Material

There is one book ordered for the course:

Smalltalk-80; The Language, Adele Goldberg and David Robson, Addison-Wesley, 1989, ISBN: 0-201-13688-0.

This book will be available in the bookstore by January 21, but you can order it from Computer Literacy where's it cheaper than from Amazon Books.

Other reading material will be xeroxed for class, or made available online.


Grades will be based on the material you develop for presentation, the assignments you do as part of other presentations, writeups for two different weeks, and class participation. There will be no tests. The topic you develop will need to be crafted into a final paper/website.

(weekly) Assignments done 30%
Topic Presentation/Assignment developed 25%
Write-ups 15%
Final Paper/website 20%
Class Participation 10%

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