Ethan Heyneman Astrachan

Ethan was born on at BC Women's Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He has dual citizenship; both Canadian and American.

Ethan's Butterfly Puzzles

Ethan at Tyler Place 2008

Tyler Place is a great family vacation "camp". We've been for three years and although it isn't cheap it's the greatest week ever. So say Mom, Dad, and kids. I'd be happy to tell you more if you can't figure it out from the website. It's rustic and fun. The food is great for vegetarians too!

Ethan (and Dad) in Snow, 2005


Ethan's Art, July 2003

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Ethan's Art, January 2004

Ethan, David, Mom, and Gair (David's Mom)


Ethan, March 2002

Ethan became a big brother!!

Ethan riding the bicycle Adam gave him

Ethan, a cool cat, blows a horn

Ethan, January 2002

Ethan jumping into Grandma's arms

Ethan, February 2001

Video of Ethan (with airplane) Warning, huge, takes a loooong time to download

Ethan, Halloween 2000

Ethan as a cow: Moooooo

Words Ethan Says (and other accomplishments)


Ethan close to birth in Vancouver

First Week
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