The Duke Internet Programming Contest

Duke has sponsored a programming contest that takes place in real-time over the internet. The contest has been held each year since 1990. It is open to anyone , there are divisions for novice programmers, undergraduates (not necessarily novices), and an open division.

The contest problems from all previous contests are available via anonymous ftp. A paper The Internet Programming Contest: A Report and Philosophy that appeared in SIGCSE '93 is also available.

The founders of the contest are (in alphabetical order) Owen Astrachan , Vivek Khera , Dave Kotz , and Lars Nyland

Four problems from previous contests converted to HTML. These show the uniformity with which problems are presented.

The 200X Duke IPC Contest

Maybe there will be a contest soon. Maybe not. See below.

The 1994/5/6 Duke Internet Programming Contest

Well, that's now way out of date. For archival purposes, here's the text about that contest. Due to several mitigating circumstances, the 1994 internet programming will not be held. We're sorry for the late notice, but several circumstances have forced us to cancel, rather than deal with IPC-9X. Due to more circumstances we didn't hold a contest in 1995. We have plans to hold a contest in 1996, but don't hold your breath. However, please stay tuned.

When a specific date is determined, notice will be placed here. Keep practicing...