Thanksgiving Football

The annual Thanksgiving football game is traditionally played in New Canaan, Connecticut, home of the Stoddards.

The origins of the game are murky, but it started sometime in the 1960's as a battle of Titans: Dan Stoddard and Owen Astrachan vs. Alex Stoddard and Josh Astrachan. Older brothers vs. younger brothers.

Today the game includes any and all interested parties and takes place on Saturday before the Howell/Lovejoy Relatives and Friends gather for repast and remembrances.

Participants in the 1995 game

Click on Individual Heads for an "Up-close and Personal" view of the players.


(Photograph by Betsy Ashton)

Back row, left-to-right

Middle row, left-to-right.

Bottom Row (left-to-right, sitting and lying down)