Teaching C++ as an Introductory Language

The code and slides accessible here were used in a tutorial given as part of PLDI (Programming Language Design and Implementation) at FCRC 1996.


Postscript and Adobe Acrobat versions of the slides used in the talk will be accessible soon.


I used many example programs in the tutorial. The code for these is provided below. In some cases the code uses classes that are part of the introductory C++ book that I'm writing and in some cases the classes have been designed for use in the Advanced Placement Computer Science courseas it changes to C++ from Pascal. Links to the necessary classes are also given below.
calendar code
calendar.cpp date.h date.cpp
dice code
roll.cpp dice.h dice.cpp
rando.h rando.cpp
stream/randomwalk code
ostr.cpp titles.cpp randwalk.cpp
inheritance code
educators.h educators.cpp pldi.cpp
CD database code
usedb.cpp cdlist.h cdlist.cpp