Pankaj K. Agarwal

RJR Nabisco Professor of Computer Science
Professor of Mathematics

Research Interests

Computational & discrete geometry: Paradigms & techniques, approximation algorithms, stochastic models, geometric optimization, kinetic geometry, data structures, arrangements, proximity problems, trangulation, motion planning, geometric sampling.

Shape analysis: Representation, matching, clustering, similarity searching.

Trajectory data analysis: Trajectory segmentation, matching, clustering, query processing.

GIS: Terrain modeling and analysis, navigation, visibility, flow analysis, ecological modeling.

Databases and data mining: Spatio-temporal databases, query processing, streaming, automatic fact checking.

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Current Students and Postdoc


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Recent Courses

COMPSCI 531Introduction to Algorithms2021
COMPSCI 532Design & Analysis of Algorithms 2022   2019   2016   2014
COMPSCI 634Geometric Algorithms2024  2022  2018  2016  2014
COMPSCI 330Design & Analysis of Algorithms 2023(F)  2023(S)  2015   2013   2012
COMPSCI 290Complexity Theory2015


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