Read and Apply

I would love to be able to reply to all the emails regarding joining my research lab, but unfortunately, my time is very limited and that means I may not be able to get back to you, which is my loss. If you send me an email and do not hear back from me, please be assured that this does not say anything about your strengths and your merits and it only reflects my limited bandwidth. If you are a student at Duke University, you can always stop by my office. 

Duke Prospective Ph.D. Students

I am always looking for motivated Ph.D. students to join the InSPIre Lab. If that is you (YAY!), the first necessary step is to submit a formal application to the Duke Department of Computer Science. In parallel, you can also send me an email to introduce yourself. To make sure that I review your submitted application, indicate me as a potential advisor in your statement(s). Although having some research experience in human-computer interaction, security, privacy, or usability would be a plus, you are not required to have this background when applying to my group. However, one thing that I care a lot about when reviewing applications is a well-formed thought process about your research interests and suggestions in human-centered security and privacy.

Duke Master's and Undergraduate Students

If you are already at Duke University and would like to do research with me at the intersection of human-computer interaction, security and privacy, let's chat! Send me an email with a description of your research interests and/or ideas. Although not necessary, you are welcome to mention relevant courses that you have taken or are currently taking.

Current Students
  • Max Hiro Murakami-Moses (Undergraduate, Philosophy (major), Computer Science (major))
  • Jiaxun (Jessie) Cao (Undergraduate, Media Arts (major), Creative Practice (track))
  • Sabina Taneja (Undergraduate, Computer Science (major), Public Policy (major))
  • Chase Holden Mathis (Undergraduate, Statistics (major), Computer Science (major), Math (minor))
  • Alan Wang (Undergraduate, Statistics (major), Computer Science (major))
  • Luke Seungmin Nam (Undergraduate, Computer Science (major))
  • Rebecca Stern (Undergraduate, Public Policy (major), Global Gender Studies (major))
  • Yuhe (Alice) Hu (Undergraduate, Electrical and Computer Engineering (major), Computer Science (major))
  • Ellen Zeng (Undergraduate, Public Policy (major), Computer Science (minor))
  • Yasha Doddabele (Undergraduate, Computational Media (major))
  • Akshal Jain (Undergraduate, Computer Science (major), Economic (major))

Mentorship at CMU and UW

Prior to joining Duke, I spent a wonderful time at CMU and UW, where I mentored the following smart, creative, and amazing students:

University of Washington
  • Inyoung Cheong (Ph.D. Student at UW)
  • Kentrell Owens (Ph.D. Student at UW)
  • Miranda Wei (Ph.D. Student at UW)
  • Tiona Francisco (Undergraduate Student at UW)
  • Markus Andrej Schiffer (Master's Student at UW)
Carnegie Mellon University
  • Janarth Dheenadhayalan (Master's Student at CMU)
  • Michelle Ling (Undergraduate Student at CMU)
  • Huilin Liu (Master's Student at CMU)
  • Shreyas Nagare (Undergraduate Student at CMU)
  • Harold Dixon (Undergraduate Student at CMU)