NSF Workshop on Emerging Opportunities of Nanoscience to Energy Conversion and Storage


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Organization of Report:


Section 0: Summary


Section 1: Introduction


by John H Reif and John Monahan


Section 2: Nanophotonics and Photovoltaics

by P. Braun, D. Carlson, V. Klimov, J. Michl, and A.J. Nozik


Section 3: Nanoscience and Thermoelectric Energy

by Alexis R. Abramson


Section 4: Nanotechnology for Fuel Cells and Batteries

by Katsuyo Thornton, John Harb, and Liwei Lin


Section 6: Section 5: Nanoelectronics for Energy Conversion

by Stuart Lindsay


Section 6: BioNano Techniques for Energy Applications

by T.H. LaBean, D. Feldheim, H. Yan, T. Lin, N. Seeman


Appendix A: List of Invitees & Attendees


Appendix B: Schedule


Appendix C: Abstracts of Workshop Speakers