Creative Writing


During July 2005 I took a wonderful weeklong course on creative writing course at the John C. Campbell Folk School – the first course I have taken since 1977. A renowned North Carolina Poet Maureen Ryan Griffin taught it.


Below are two short pieces I wrote in the course:

    Memories of Evening Shooting Stars and a Pacific Dawn describes an overnight on Mt Hood during a hitching trip out west in my late teens.

    Gee I wish I were Superman is on my aspirations as a 12-year old.


Below are thee short poems I wrote in the course:

    They Say the Apple is a Descendant of the Rose 

    How does Nature Create such Beauty Out of Chaos?

    On Memories and Being Human



One challenge in writing is to create characterizations of fictional people that seem real. But how can you know you have succeeded? For this, I propose: A Turing Test for Literary Characterization.