Papers by Reif on Solar Energy (4 papers)


1. John H. Reif and Wadee Alhalabi, Design and Analysis of a High-Efficiency, Cost-Effective Solar Concentrator, submitted for journal publication, (2014). [PDF]


2. John H. Reif John H. Reif and Wadee Alhalabi, Solar-Powered Desalination: Its Significant Challenges and Potential, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 48, Pages 152-165, (August 2015). [PDF] [PDF]


3. Wadee Alhalabi, John Reif, Zeineb Elsheikh, Heba Felimban, Majda Fallata, Khalid Thabit, Abdullah Abusorrah, The Co-learning in the Design, Simulation and Optimization of a Solar Concentrating System, Computers in Human Behavior, Vol 51, Part B, pp. 857-866 (December 2014). [PDF] 


4. John H. Reif, Solar Power Technologies for Desalination, Invited Chapter of Book: Current Trends and Future Developments on (Bio-) Membranes - Membrane Desalination Systems: The Next Generation (Editors: Efrem Curcio (Italy), Inamuddin (India), Angelo Basile), Elsevier Publishers, (2017). [PDF[PDF]