How To Make Big Red Car Cake

This cake is made from one rectangular cake (about 13"x9"), and two small circle cakes (I have a round ceramic bowl that is about 6 inches in diameter), and one small rectangular cake (about 2 1/2 x 5).

When putting the cakes together, I cut some pieces out. First I put the large rectangular body down. Them I put the two round cakes down, hanging over the end a little bit. I cut out a piece off each of the circles (the part labeled with the X). Then I cut off about an inch from each long side of the small rectangle and place them on the cake as shown. I used six pretzel sticks to hold these two pieces in place (see the little circles). There is now an empty rectangle in the middle of the car. I placed a chocolate bar right in the middle to make the front seat.

The four wiggles are made out of twinkies with pretzel arms sticking out (covered with icing). The wheels are chocolate dingdongs. The steering wheel is a chocolate oreo cookie. The front windshield is two pretzels on the side and saran wrap (the only thing not edible) wrapped around it. Across the back of the car is yellow fruit roll up.

To get the red icing, you need a lot of red food coloring. You must use gel icing. If you use liquid, your icing will be too runny. I used Wilton red icing, the whole jar!

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