Alice 3 Pig Cookies

For CompSci 94, December 4, 2018
Also for Online Coursera Alice 3 Course

The pig in Alice 3.

This semester I had 84 students in CompSci 94. This is the first time I made a 3D cookie cutter. I took the shape of the pig and painted it black and put it against a white background. I colored it in a little so the neck wouldn't be so small, or the arms and legs wouldn't be so small. If they are you can have a lot of cookie breakage. Then I uploaded the image to It will create a 3D cookie cutter of the image. I made two cookie cutters, with one of them a little larger. The smaller one I hand traced on and the larger one was automatically traced. I ended up making mostly the smaller pig cookies. I then printed them on Duke's free 3D printers. It took about 3-4 hours per cookie cutter to print. Not all the cookies are shown.

The cookies were also used in the online Coursera Alice 3 course, including a video on how to make Alice cookies.