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Animation is a powerful device for explaining abstract concepts. We are developing a package of tools that present and communicate abstract computer science concepts in a more efficient, visual and interactive manner. Our tools allow students to design, visualize and experiment with formal languages, formal models of machines, and formal grammars as well as basic computer science constructs. Specifically, the tools provide an environment for students to draw possible solutions pictorially, automatic animation of their designs, instantaneous verification checks, easy retrieval and storage of designs, and multiple windows for comparing related concepts.

The DROOL summer group's responsibilities include developing an animation engine written in Java, writing creative object oriented C++ programming projects, writing animations, creating new tools for experimenting with grammars, automata and parsing, and converting existing tools over to Java.

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DROOL was funded in part by the National Science Foundation under grants DUE-9554910 , DUE-9596002), and DUE-9555084.