Joe Shamblin
Bahama, NC

wjs AT


Well versed in all aspects of systems administration including: DNS, NIS, NFS, HTTPD, sendmail, security, httpd servers, kerberos, usenet news, and hardware/software support.

Particular interest include security, networking, automation, and usenet news.

A thorough knowledge of computers, including most platforms: Unix, Windows XP-Vista-7-8, Linux, Macintosh. Familiar with VM infrastructure; VMWare and docker. Knowledge of many software packages. Proficient in Perl, Python, and C programming. Comfortable manipulating large dataset with Hadoop and Mapreduce. Familiar with Java, HTML, javascript, and most web-based languages/markups: including web-based SQL databases.

Strong mathematical background including familiarity with research and research methods, data manipulation, implementation, and analysis of mathematical modeling. Excellent communications skills, and good with people.

Knowledge of most mathematical software packages, i.e. Mathematica, Maple, and Matlab.


For a long while, I was the creator and maintainer of the Solaris-x86 ftp archive, the most popular Solaris x86 archive in the world. I am also the creator and former maintainer of the Solaris patch program PatchReport, an automated patch utility for the Solaris 2.x operating system. PatchReport is widely used and has been featured in several major publications. It also has a spot in the Solaris 2 FAQ.


Duke University - Computer Science, Senior Systems Administrator (Laboratory Director). Durham, NC March 1997 to present. Technical responsibilities include: network planning and implementation, web administration, security, mail, DNS, NIS, usenet news, systems programming, and all hardware/software support in an environment supporting over 600 workstations and several hundred users. Systems include: Solaris 2.x Sparc/x86, OSF, IRIX, Windows XP-Vista-7, MAC-OS/X, and Linux.
Managerial duties include the supervision of 4 person technical staff, oversight of annual purchasing budget, policy creation, technical liaison, and systems and network planning.

Duke University - Computer Science, Systems Administrator. Durham, NC January 1996 to March 1997. Technical responsibilities include: network planning and implementation, web administration, security, mail, DNS, NIS, usenet news, systems programming, and hardware/software support in an environment supporting over 200 workstations and several hundreds of users. Systems include: Solaris 2.x Sparc/x86, Solaris 1.x, OSF, IRIX, Windows 95/NT, MAC-OS, and Linux. Senior Consultant Raleigh, NC December 1995 to present. Providing support in a variety of areas including security, routing, DNS, usenet news, sendmail, modems, terminal servers, and web administration for a variety architectures including Intel and Sparc., Senior Systems Administrator. Raleigh, NC December 1994 to January 1996. Responsible for: web administration, security, mail, DNS, NIS, usenet news, systems programming, hardware/software support in an environment supporting over 20,000 users. Supervision of network configuration and support for a heterogeneous LAN/WAN environment supporting several thousand nodes. Familiar with ISDN, TCP/IP routing, PPP, and all technical aspects of maintaining a dial-up service.

NC State University, Graduate teaching assistant. Summer 1994 to Fall January 1995. Tutored undergraduate students in physics and engineering, instructed students in the use of computer-adapted physics resources.
Virtual Environments Lab. NC State University. November 1994 to January 1995.
Advised project members on httpd server setup and maintenance, and instructed in HTML code writing.
Princeton Review. Albany, NY. January to May 1993.
Instructed students for physics section of Medical College Admissions Test.
UNC-A, Unix Workstation Workshop Assistant. Asheville, NC. Summer 1993.
NSF Funded. Trained Ph.D's and system administrators on the ins and outs of Unix based systems including: TCP/IP protocol, Mathematica and Maple, C programming, network and system administration.
Sylvan Learning Center. Asheville, NC. June 1992 to December 1993.
Taught mathematics, language, test preparation for the SAT, and general study skills.
Grove Clinic. Asheville, NC. June 1993 December 1993.
Computer consultation. Consulted with individuals on how to install, use software, and setup computers. Performed general diagnostics on malfunctioning computers.
Private and Peer Tutoring. January 1990 to present.
Instructed undergraduate students in basic math through differential equations; emphasis on calculus I-III, physics, engineering, and computer technology.

North Carolina State University - Raleigh, 1994
Previous Ph.D Candidate; Department of Physics.

University of North Carolina - Asheville, 1993
Bachelor of Science; Degree in Physics with a minor in mathematics.


All of the maths and physics through Nonlinear Differential Equations, as well as: Partial Differential Equations Engineering Statics, Quantum Mechanics, E & M, and VLSI.


A Patch-Work Column SunWorld - Online March 1999.

Toolman Meets Pathchreport ;login December 1997.

Fourier Analysis of CCD Sampled Imaging Systems. Cancas August 1993.


John Bowley Derieux Research Award. Spring 1993.
Awarded by NC Academy of Sciences. Worked on a project conceived at Oak Ridge National Labs involving analysis of imaging systems to determine quality of entire imaging plane. Received first place in statewide peer competition.

References available upon request PDF version, PS version