Algorithms Seminar (Fall '11)
Organized by Pankaj K. Agarwal and Kamesh Munagala
Coordinated by Wuzhou Zhang and Janardhan Kulkarni
Department of Computer Science, Duke University
Mondays, 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Location: D344, LSRC

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Date Topic Speaker
September 12 Optimization Schemes for Protective Jamming (more details) Alon Efrat
September 26 I/O-efficient algorithms for Cleaning Massive Sonar Data (more details) Lars Arge
October 3 Optimal Sequential Exploration on Large Networks (more details) David B. Brown
October 5 Bridge detection in grid terrains and improved drainage enforcement (more details) Andrew Danner
October 17 Computing the Probability of Failure of a Homological Criterion for Coverage in a Sensor Network (more details) Elizabeth Munch
October 24 Certification considerations in real-time scheduling upon Integrated Computing Environments (more details) Sanjoy Baruah
October 31 Fully dynamic maximal matching in O(log n) update time (Duke Computer Science Colloquia: more details) Sandeep Sen
November 14 Data-Driven 3D Modeling (more details) Vladlen Koltun
November 16 Online Stochastic Ad Allocation: Primal, Dual, and Simultaneous Approximations (more details) Vahab Mirrokni
November 21 Scalable Tracking of Dynamic Networks (more details) Rebecca Willett
November 28 Multiscale geometric methods for noisy point clouds in high dimensions (more details) Mauro Maggioni

The department also organizes a separate Algorithms Reading Group