My name is Yan Chen. I am a Ph.D student advised by prof. Ashwin Machanavajjhala at Duke University.
My research interest is data privacy, especially on applying differential privacy on real-world problems.


Duke University
Department of Computer Science, Aug.2013 - now

Peking University
School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Sep.2009 - Jul.2013
Bachelor of Science

Peking University
School of Mathematical Sciences, Sep.2010 - Jul.2013
Bachelor of Statistcs


Research Intern
AT&T Research Lab, May.2017 - July.2017

Data Scientist Intern
Samsung Research America, May.2016 - Aug.2016

Network Engineer Intern
RenRen.com, July.2012 - Sep.2012


Y.Chen, S.Feygin, J.Paiment and A.Machanavajjhala. DP-Move: Differentially Private Generation of Human Trajectories. (In Submission)

A.Barrientos, J.Reiter, A.Machanavajjhala and Y.Chen. Differentially Private Significance Tests for Regression Coefficients. (In Submission)

A.Barrientos, A.Bolton, T.Balmat, J.Reiter, J.Figueiredo, A.Machanavajjhala, Y.Chen, C.Kneifel and M.DeLong. A Framework for Sharing Confidential Research Data, Applied to Investigating Differential Pay by Race in the U.S. Government. (In Submission)

Y.Chen, A.Barrientos, A.Machanavajjhala and J.Reiter. Is My Model Any Good: Differentially Private Regression Diagnostics. Journal, Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS), 2017

Y.Chen, A.Machanavajjhala, M.Hay and G.Miklau. PeGaSus: Data-Adaptive Differentially Private Stream Processing. ACM CCS, 2017

Y.Chen, A.Machanavajjhala, J.Reiter and A.Barrientos. Differentially Private Regression Diagnostics. IEEE ICDM, 2016 (regular paper, acceptance rate 8.5%) [Code][Data]

M.Hay, A.Machanavajjhala, G.Miklau, Y.Chen and D.Zhang. Principled Evaluation of Differentially Private Algorithms using DPBench. SIGMOD, 2016

M.Hay, A.Machanavajjhala, G.Miklau, Y.Chen, D.Zhang and G.Bissias. Exploring Privacy-Accuracy Tradeoffs using DPcomp. Demo, SIGMOD, 2016

M.Hay, A.Machanavajjhala, G.Miklau, Y.Chen and D.Zhang. Principled Evaluation of Differentially Private Algorithms. TPDP, 2016

Y.Chen, A.Machanavajjhala, On the Privacy Properties of Variants on the Sparse Vector Technique. [In Arxiv.]

B.Stoddard, Y.Chen and A.Machanavajjhala. Differentially Private Algorithms for Empirical Machine Learning. [In Arxiv.]


Duke University, Dept. of Computer Science
yanchen {at} cs {dot} duke {dot} edu

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