Yuanjun Yao

PhD Student

Office: LSRC D307
Address: 308 Research Drive; Box 90129; Durham, NC 27708
Email: yjyao at cs dot duke dot edu


I am a sixth-year PhD student in Department of Computer Science at Duke University. I received my bachelor's degree in Automation from Tsinghua University in 2015.

I am interested in distributed systems and networking. Currently I am working on building end-to-end virtual service network on networked infrastructure as service platform, with emphasis on network policy management with logic-based authorization. I am also interested in intra-domain traffic engineering. I am advised by Prof Jeffrey S. Chase.

My resume is here.

I am graduating and joing Facebook as a Research Scientist on Network Infrastructure in September 2020.


    1. Presented our work, "Extending ExoGENI Slice-based L2 Network Transit Service to Chameleon", at Chameleon User Meeting 2017. (Joint work of our team at Duke and ExoGENI team at RENCI) [slides]



    Reinforcement Learning (F17), Graph Algorithms (S17), Data Intensive Computation System (F16), Machine Learning (F16), Optimization under Uncertainty (S16), Advanced Operating Systems (S16), Distributed Systems (F15), Advanced Topics in Network Security (F15),

    Artificial Intelligence (Passed Qual Exam), Algorithms (Passed Qual Exam)

Teaching Assistant

    CS590.06 Algorithms in Real World [Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award]

    CS512 Distributed Systems