A Normal Cat

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Poor Cats

BrowserCat BrowserCat BrowserCat
Firefox 3.6alt Opera 10.53 alt IE9 beta alt
IE8 alt IE7 alt IE6 alt

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Please Use Modern Web Browsers

1. Why does a Cat Matter? Why should I listen to YOU?

  • Cat will be revealed very soon
  • I write and do experiments with web pages (including this) for years

2. Can Legacy Machines run Modern Browsers?

  • You need modern browsers more if your computers are antiques.

3. Is it easy to Upgrading Browsers?

  • Try them NOW.

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Why does a Cat Matter?


  • Not a Picture, Not a Video, Not a Flash animation
  • It is HTML and CSS, like ALL web pages

Web Pages: HTML+CSS

  • HTML: describe content and structure of a web page
  • CSS: describe the style of how content should be displayed
  • Browsers: computation needed to decide how web pages look like.

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HTML5 Features that Browsers Support

Modern Browsers Version Number Features Supported Extra Features Supported
Google Chrome 17.0 374 13
Mozilla Firefox 11.0 335 9
Opera 11.60 329 9
Apple Safari 5.1 302 7
IE 9 141 5
Legacy Browsers
IE 8.0 41 0
IE 7.0 26 0
IE 6.0 25 0

(reference: http://html5test.com/results.html)

  • So please use modern browsers if you are using legacy ones.

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My Computer is SLOW!

  • Is it common sense that moderns ones look better but consume more?

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A "Scientific" Experiment

  • Chrome is lightning fast!

Presenter Notes

Presenter Notes

Easy to Upgrade?

Simply download and install, less than 5 minues

A faster and prettier world is AWAITING!

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Thanks. QA?

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