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Duke University
Dept. of Computer Science
LSRC Building D101
308 Research Drive, Campus Box 90129
Durham, NC 27708




Welcome to my homepage!
I received B.S. of Computer Science from Peking University in China. Now I am a final-year PhD candidate in Computer Science Department, Duke University. My advisor is Xiaowei Yang. My research interest mainly falls on networking area, including network performance, network security, SDN, etc. Please find my CV here and feel free to contact me if you have the similar interest.

What's new

- I have defended my thesis! The certificate of Earned Doctorates Survey.

- CableMon: Our full paper is accepted by NSDI'20! (Slides for the conference presentation; poster for CSR/NeTS 2019 PI Meeting)

- Mozart: Our full paper (pdf) is accepted by SoCC'19! (Slides and poster)

- SwitchMan: Our paper implementing a secure terminal that switches sensitive traffic into trusted mode is accepted by IWPE'19! (Abstract and slides)

- Delorean: Our poster for online failure recovery of SDN controllers is accepted by SOSR'17! (Abstract)

- FOCUS Project: Our full paper is accepted by IEEE NFV-SDN! (Slides)

- Our short paper for measuring mobile page features is accepted by IMC'16!

- FOCUS Project: Our tech report is online!

- FOCUS Project: Our poster for handling scalability issue for SDN controller is accepted by NSDI'16! See abstract here.

- QoS2 Project: Our poster for improving page loading time and enabling Middle Boxes again is accepted by NSDI'15! See abstract here.

- Our poster for making CAPTCHA a secure kernel service is accepted by NSDI'15!

- QoS2 Project: Our paper is accepted by ACM SIGCOMM HotMiddleBox Workshop!

Service Activities

Sep 2019 & Nov 2019 & Sep 2020

- Reviewer of Computer Networks (Certificate)

Sep 2018

- PC Meeting Scribe of CoNext'18

Sep 2018

- Reviewer of Journal of Cyber Security Technology (Certificate)

Jan 2018 & Jul 2018

- Reviewer of CCF Transactions on Networking (Certificate)

Nov 2014

- Reviewer of IEEE ICC'15

Selected Courses

FALL 2019

- CompSci590.4, Consensus Protocols in Distributed Computing and Blockchains : A


- ECE681, Pattern Classification and Recognition Technology : A


- CompSci590.1, Advanced Topics in CPS - Network Security : A

FALL 2015

- CompSci590.2, Advanced Topics in CPS - Network Security : A

- ECE 581, Random Signals and Noise : A


- CompSci514, Computer Networks/Distributed System : A

FALL 2014

- CompSci571D, Machine Learning : A
- CompSci590.4, Advanced Topics in CPS - Software Defined Networking : A
- CompSci532, Algorithms : (Passed in Qual Exam)
- CompSci550, Architecture : (Passed in Qual Exam)
- CompSci570, Artificial Intelligence: (Passed in Qual Exam)



- CompSci356, Computer Network Architecture, with Prof. Xiaowei Yang

FALL 2019

- CompSci514, Computer Networks/Distributed Systems, with Prof. Xiaowei Yang

FALL 2018

- CompSci514, Computer Networks/Distributed Systems, with Prof. Xiaowei Yang

FALL 2015

- CompSci570, Artificial Intelligence, with Prof. Ron Parr


-CompSci270, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, with Prof. George Konidaris
   Outstanding Teaching Award 2014-2015
   See my python tutorial here.


I like badminton, math, board games, or even just chatting with various people.

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